4 benefits of video interviews you didn’t know about

Advancement in technology has made it possible to have a better interview experience for both the hiring company and the applicants. While scheduling interviews have its own place, going with video interviews can streamline the whole process, taking the hassle out of hiring.

As video interviews are getting more popular, so are more benefits being discovered. Not only are they useful in determining ideal candidates during the initial interview stage, but they help save valuable time and resources.

Here are 4 reasons you should consider video interviews for your hiring process.

Ease of scheduling –

Imagine having 20 candidates coming in for a one on one interview. Before the end of the process, you must have gone back and forth your email several times in as much days. You have to find a time that is convenient for everyone including yourself. With video interviews, you don’t need to go through all these hassles. Prospective applicants can answer the questions at their convenience and the hiring team can go through the responses when it is convenient for them also. This way, you don’t have to move your schedule about as it takes only a few minutes to put your questions across. At the end of the review, you can decide to bring in for further discussions, those candidates who look promising. This way, you only spend valuable time on valuable prospects.

Helps attract high demand talents –

While there are those who are actively looking for a job, there are others who are not, but may be open to an upward career move. These in high demand talents such as programmers and skilled technicians will not have the time to come for a physical interview as they may already have something on their hands and this can cause you to lose out on a potentially valuable talent. In this case, you can easily access their potentials and personality through the aid of a video interview. They are less likely to have an issue with doing a 15 minutes video response than they would with driving across town.

Gain insight before making a decision –

One of the most important benefits of video interviews is that it helps you gain insight into the personality and suitability of the candidates you are interviewing. Having a one on one interview especially with long distance candidates can involve a lot of financial commitments, such as travel expenses and hotel bills. Video interviews help businesses choose the most suitable among a large pool of applicants before committing to money for a face to face interview.

Better and more efficient screening –

Because all applicants for a particular role answer the same set of questions, it makes it easier for the hiring team to compare answers on a person by person basis. There is no chance of skipping out on any question or getting sidetracked with small talk as every part of the interview is planned and followed strictly according to the prepared script. It also gives candidates a level playing field as there is very little opportunity for discrimination or favoritism.

Final thoughts

If you are not using video interviews as part of your recruitment process, it may be time to consider doing so. It saves time, money and helps you identify the best candidate for the job. You can then save the face to face interview for the most qualified candidates.

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