5 Essential Things to Bring to an Interview

Congratulations. You got the much awaited interview invitation. You may think the hard part is behind you but you are wrong. There are a thousand and one things that could go wrong, spoiling your chances of clinching the job. However, it should not be because you came ill prepared. The success of your interview to a large extent depends on how well prepared you are. Career experts suggest that to be fully prepared, the following five things should accompany you into the interview.

  1. Extra copies of your résumé

Despite the modern trend of electronic résumé, it is important that you go to your interview appointment with extra copies of your printed resume. You may be meeting with someone from the company who doesn’t have your electronic resume at hand and so extra copies will come in handy. If you know the number of people you will be meeting, carry along an extra copy for each of them plus a few extra to be on the safe side.

  1. Pen and writing pad

Having a pen and writing pad close by during an interview cannot be overemphasized. The notes you take down during discussions may come in handy later. However, it is crucial that you do not focus on writing down notes at the expense of paying attention to what is being said.

  1. Relevant questions

Think of some relevant questions you will ask the hiring manager or interviewer. Well formed relevant questions show that you are actually interested in the opening. Your questions should be tailored along the lines of how you can be more effective in the organization and how the organization measures success. On no account should you raise the question of how much you will be paid unless the interviewer brings it up.

  1. Your selling point

At a point during the interview, you will need to sell yourself to the hiring manager. Therefore, it is important that you have your selling point down to a T. Your selling point should convince the organization that hiring you is a good business decision. Talk about your previous achievements, challenges and how you overcame them and your plans for the organization. It is important that you come out confident and sure of what you are selling otherwise they won’t buy it.

  1. The right attitude

Interviewers can tell if you are actually interested in the position. From your body language, they can also tell of you are right for the role. A genuine pleasant smile, a firm handshake and exuding confidence will go a long way in reassuring the organization that you are the perfect candidate for the available opening. Remember that you are not the only candidate vying for the position. What will set you apart from others is your passion and obvious readiness to work.

Don’t forget to print out a detailed direction to the venue if you don’t know the way. You don’t want to get lost and waste precious time. It is a good idea to leave your home early enough so that no matter what happens, you will arrive with time to spare.

Best of luck

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