5 Pieces of Advice to Adopt In Your Recruitment Video

Video is a dominating force on virtually every aspect on the internet. More than 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube alone every minute with people watching as much as 1 billion hours of video content online every day. This goes to show how far videos have come in today’s society. As much as videos are dominating social media, they are also becoming increasingly popular in recruitment.

Because video is effective as a storytelling tool, it has been traditionally successful in advertising and other forms of publicity. This same effectiveness is brought to bear in recruitment processes. More and more organizations are making use of videos to attract talents. It provides a quick way of connecting with talented candidates and getting them interested in building a career with your organization.

Here, we look at 5 pieces of advice that will come in handy when using video for recruitment purposes:

  1. Show the basic details: Potential employees are interested in seeing the working environment more than they are in hearing about it. To most people, what the work atmosphere looks like is a huge factor in their career choice. A good idea is to show different sections of your organization that shows why your company is a unique place to work. For instance, office areas, work stations, cafeteria and the gym (if you have one) are good places to include in your recruitment video.
  2. Show the right people: While showing the video of the CEO can be inspiring, candidates also want to see the people that do the actual job. These are the people that can actually show the excitement that comes with working in the organization. Have a cross section of different departments and current employees show up in the video while detailing why the organization is a great place to work.
  3. Answer questions candidates are likely to have: The more questions you are able to answer with your recruitment video, the more the chances of attracting the right applicants. People are interesting in knowing what it is like to work for the company and what it takes to grow in the organization. Craft your story round these details in such a way that these questions are answered satisfactorily.
  4. Keep it short: You may have heard that the attention span of millennials is not as long as it used to be. Combine this with the fact that potential candidates possibly have other videos to look at, you will realize that keeping the video short and straight to the point will be more effective. A short and effective recruitment video can be between 2 to 5 minutes long. Only ensure that you pass the most important information within this time frame.
  5. Include a call to action: A video is not successful if potential candidates don’t know the next step to take after watching it. Your recruitment video should carry a call to action that tells the viewers what is expected of them. This could be a link that sends them to your website, or where they can get more information on how to apply.

Put the following advice to work in your next recruitment video and watch as you attract the talents that would help move your organization forward.

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