5 Popular Questions to Expect on a Video Interview and How to Answer Them

The video interview style maybe relatively new in the job recruitment arena, but it is growing in popularity. If you are about to go for your first video interview, you need to know the type of questions to expect and how to answer them. This will stand you apart from the crowd and increase your chances of getting selected for the position you are applying for. The whole idea behind a video interview is to get a feel of your personality and to know if you are a good fit for the company and its other employees.

Here are the popular questions you are most likely to get:

  1. Tell Us about Yourself

This question is used by recruiters to know how well you will fit into the work environment of the company. You should talk what the things you do outside of work, and your current role. You should be relaxed, and confident when talking about yourself.

  1. What are Your Strengths?

This is another way of assessing your skills and how best suited you are for a position. Be careful not to sound as a braggart when answering this question. Give relevant answers that are in synchrony with the job you are applying for. If you are a applying for a programming job, you should talk about the different programming languages you are good at, and how you have used them in the past.

  1. Why do You Want to Work for Us?

This is sort of a motivational question. Using a story to answer this question will give an emotional connection through the video. Use your narrative power to tell a story of why you really want the job. Avoid sounding desperate. Be confident and appealing. You can find out what the company stands for in the “about” section of their website, and find an angle where this aligns with your vision. This will help you give a passionate answer.

  1. What are Your Weaknesses?

While you want to answer this honestly, you don’t want to present a bad impression about yourself. The important thing to know when answering this question is this: answer in a way that shows you are aware of your problems, but also mention how you are working to improve and overcome these weaknesses in the same sentence. It shows you are always working to make yourself better. Do not say things that will affect your chances of getting the job such as “my weakness is waking up late”.

  1. What Would You do with Your Time if You Didn’t Have to Work for 4weeks?

Questions like this are meant to see how your mind functions outside the work environment. Do not give answers that make you look one dimensional. Your answer should show you are someone who is always about improving yourself. Be honest as possible when answering this question to avoid sounding unrealistic.


Your aim in a video interview should be to build a relationship between your potential employer and yourself. Be honest, confident and relaxed when answering questions.

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