5 Reasons to Try a Video Resume

Video resumes are becoming increasingly popular on social media and job boards. It provides job seekers with a great way to introduce themselves and show prospective employers why they are ideal for the job opening.

Putting together a video resume is relatively easy, it only involves a camera, a suitable place to shoot and a bit of creativity.

Wondering whether to put together a video resume? These 5 reasons may help you decide.

Showcases your personality

A video resume is a powerful tool that can help prospective employers gain an insight into your personality. In less than 5 minutes of footage, you can sell your skills, your experience and your inner self. A traditional resume allows employers to know if you are qualified for the job but from a video resume, they can decide if you fit their corporate profile. The right body language will combined with the right skills will give you an edge over other applicants.

Creates the first impression

A video resume is the easiest way for prospective employers to know you without meeting you. If done properly, a video resume will help you make the right first impression. Unlike an oral interview, a video resume gives you more control over your presentation as you are not restricted by the formal environment of an interview room. You can better express your enthusiasm and the aspirations you look forward to if given the job.

It gives you a chance to be creative

A regular resume have little or no room for creativity. Different industries have accepted ways of writing resumes and your resume will look odd if done in a different pattern. Video resumes on the other hand, have no set template. You have the liberty to be as creative as you want as long as you don’t go overboard. Organizations look for people who can do things in unique ways and you can use a video resume to show how unique you are.

Pitch your skills

Unlike in a traditional resume where you simply write out what you can do, a video resume allows you to pitch your skills in a passionate and enthusiastic manner. You have the liberty to visually demonstrate your technical expertise in a way that will appeal to employers. Looking directly into the camera, you can highlight your experiences, visually show your professional accomplishments and confidently say why you feel you are the best person for the job.

It sets you apart

Videos may not be making traditional resume obsolete any time soon, but having one sets you apart. Not only does it give you the chance to (humbly) brag about your professional achievements, but that you took the time and effort will impress any recruiter. Don’t forget that there are many other qualified people struggling for the same job; a well done video resume puts you ahead of the pack.

Important note: Poor quality, bad lighting and poor sound will make your video resume unimpressive. If you don’t have the skills or equipment to do a high quality video, then you should not bother doing one. It will be counterproductive and make you appear unprofessional.

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