5 Reasons to Use Video Interviews in Your Hiring Process

A research done as far back as 2012 found that 63% of over 500 companies conduct interviews via video. This is a 14% increase from the previous year. Today, a lot more companies are quickly adapting to this easy and cost effective method of identifying suitable candidates for available positions. If as an employer, you are not taking advantage of this technology, then not only are you far behind the curve in terms of progressiveness, but you are also missing out on a number of benefits.

If you are not currently using video technology in your interviews, here are 5 reasons why you should start today.

  1. Time saving –

Conducting your interviews via video can be extremely time saving. You can screen far more people faster than with a regular face to face interview. It is easier to fix a video interview around your schedule so that you don’t miss out in important aspects of your business. It also helps you quickly connect with and assess talented on demand candidates in a manner that would be convenient to all parties. Essentially, using video for your interviews can help minimize delays that can arise as a result of conflict with time schedules.

  1. Better assessment –

Video interviews offer you the opportunity to better assess candidates when they are in their comfort zone. You can gain significant insight into the kind of person they are from their manner of dressing and speaking. A video interview allows you to meet the person behind the CV and gain valuable insight into their motivation, competencies and personality. This way, if the candidate is not a good fit, you don’t need to waste crucial time meeting with him or her. This increases the value of your prescreening process and helps you determine which of the candidates is a better match and can move to the next stage of the employment process.

  1. Cost saving –

Doing interviews via video can have significant cost saving benefits to companies. There is savings from travel expenses; there is savings in terms of man hour lost from having to rearrange your schedule to accommodate a physical interview. In one study, 72% of managers said that a reduction in travel expenses is the primary reason they opt for video interviews. Travel cost and time lost associated with traveling is saved on both the part of the interviewer and the candidate.

  1. Access to a wide reach of talents –

Video interview allows you to have access to skilled and talented prospects in other parts of the country. These are people that may not have the time or opportunity to come for a physical interview. With a video interview, you can assess their suitability for the vacant position, and get every other detail not contained in the CV and determine if they fit both the role and your corporate profile. You no longer have to worry about shortage of talent in your area as you can efficiently assess and engage international talents in a cost effective manner.

  1. Fair process –

Because all the candidates vying for the same position are allowed the same amount of time, and answer the same set of questions tailored for the job role, it gives everyone of them a level playing ground. It is now left for them to use the time slot to their advantage and properly sell themselves as the right individual for the job vacancy.

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