5 Things to Know About a Company before Your Interview

If you are going in for a job interview, it is safe to assume that you will be asked questions about the company. Employers take note of candidates who not only meet the requirements for the job, but who also have the right answers to questions on the company itself. The right answers indicate that you have genuine interest and that you are not just applying out of desperation for a job.

If you are preparing for an upcoming job interview, here are 5 important things you need to learn about the company before you go.

  1. What they do: At the risk of stating the obvious, if you have applied for an opening somewhere, you should have a detailed knowledge of what it is they do there. This knowledge will answer the question of how working in the company will fit your career goals. The best way to get this information is on the ‘about us’ page of the company’s website. This page elaborates on what the company does and can lead to other resources that demonstrate the company’s operations.


  1. Their vision, mission and value statement: You should be able to confidently say that you are a good fit for the company during the interview. And the only way to determine this is by knowing the company’s goals, how they plan to achieve them and what the company stands for. Pay special attention to what is written on the company’s website as most of this information can be found there. You can also find out more about the company by following them on social media.


  1. The company’s unique selling point: Today’s business environment has is very competitive. Businesses need to have that one thing that sets that apart from the competition. Being knowledgeable about what differentiates the company you are applying to will greatly influence you success in the interview, particularly if the interviewer asks you why you are attracted to the company. Study up on companies in the industry and identify points that make your company stand out. This will help you give an educated answer.


  1. Key players in the company: You may be tested on your knowledge of the decision makers in the company. This includes the CEO, the managers, departmental heads and supervisors. While you may not be expected to know everyone in the company, it is vital that you can name the CEO or president and individuals that make up the key players in the organization. This information can be found on the company’s website and employee biography page. You can also look up more information on these individuals on their respective social media profiles.


  1. News and recent events: It is always a good idea to have a insight into what is happening in the company. You may be asked to analyze the implications of certain events that happened in the organization. Most companies share press releases and news updates on their websites. You may also get useful information on Google news.


Even if you are perfectly qualified for the opening, having the right information on your fingertips will help you answer company related questions which will definitely boost your chances. Ensure that you do your due diligence so that you are well prepared for your interview.

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