5 Things You Must Include In Your Resume

In today’s competitive labor market, your resume has to be outstanding enough to attract the reader’s interest and clinch you an interview. There are a few major elements that must be found in every resume, so whether you are preparing a regular typed resume, or using the current trend of doing a video resume, the following 5 things must be included.

Professional accomplishments

Employers want to know how much you contributed to the growth of your department in your previous place of employment. This will help them determine if your strengths will be useful in the job role and for the company. If you are using a typed resume, make sure you have your most impressive and relevant professional accomplishments detailed under each job title. In a video resume, try to demonstrate your achievements and explain how they can be relevant to the job role.

Job experience

It can be difficult for some employers to evaluate your suitability for a job role based on your qualifications alone. Your resume should show that you possess experience in a similar or closely related role. A relevant job experience shows an employer that you know what the job is about, and have the knowledge to get it done. Try to include the responsibilities of the roles you handled in your previous employments. If the roles are similar to what you are applying for, it would give you an added advantage.

Your career objectives

Employers want to know your professional aspirations and career goals. They want to know where you see yourself in the next five years and if you believe working in the company will help you achieve these goals. They also want to know if your career objectives align with the corporate goals or if you are simply looking for a job to make ends meet. Make sure that your career objectives are well defined in your resume or succinctly explained in your video resume.


If you do any volunteering, putting it in your resume is a good idea. It shows employers that you are interested in causes outside work and are willing to commit time and resources to make it work. Employers believe that if you are committed to a voluntary cause, you will be more committed to a paid employment.  You may think that your volunteering activities are not relevant to your job search, but it actually shows that you have a well rounded personality with a wide variety of useful interests. It can also be a plus if the company you are applying to is into community or voluntary services.

Contact information

While this may seem obvious, you will be surprised at the number of applicants who forget to put their contact information on their resume. Include your phone number, email address and link to your LinkedIn profile in your typed resume. If you are using a video resume, have a professional insert this information as text in your video.

Final words

While the job description, the company and the industry can define the content of your resume, the above 5 elements must be present. Take your time to craft these details properly so that your resume will make you an obvious choice for the job role.

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