5 Top Tips for Creating an Impressive Video CV

Video CVs are not taking over from traditional CVs anytime soon, but they can help you make your job application unique. You need every help you can get in order to stand out from among the hundreds of equally qualified candidates applying for the same position. While a traditional CV tells a prospective employer about your qualifications and experience, a Video CV gives them a direct insight into your personality.

A video CV can be used in virtually every industry and the fact that you took the time to make a video shows the prospective employer that you are willing to go the extra mile.

Before you hit the record button, go through these tips to help you create a really impressive video CV.

It has to be appropriate

Even though you can create a video CV for just about any company, you have to be certain that they would appreciate the effort. Despite the rate of increase in technology, there are still lots of mom and pop businesses that prefer the traditional way of doing things. First find out if the company you are applying to would prefer the old fashioned email. If however, you are applying to a technically savvy company, chances are that a decent video will be more effective.

You are not doing recitations

The point of a video CV is so that you can have the opportunity to allow your personality show through. Instead of listing or reciting your qualifications and past experiences, find a way to make a story out of it. Share an experience of a role you played or a situation in your previous job that cannot be adequately captured in a regular CV.

Plan before you shoot

There is very little difference between recording a video CV and doing a video shoot. Both of them requires that you have a script and stick to it. Write your ideas down on a piece of paper and create an arrangement system. This helps you remember your lines and stick to the important details. It is important however, that you try not to read your script. It has to be natural.

Take several shots

The beauty of digital cameras and smartphones is that you don’t have to save on film. This means that you can do as many takes as necessary to get a perfect video. You have the freedom to try out as many backgrounds and styles as you like. If you are not satisfied with your first video, shoot another one. It can be a good idea to run several rehearsals without shooting until you are satisfied with your lines and timing.

Short and sweet

Employers use video CVs as a way to initially appraise candidates. They have lots of them to watch and cannot spend too much time on any one. It is a good idea to keep your video CV within a two minute limit. Just make sure that you pass the necessary information that will get your points across.

Watch your video first

It can be really awkward for a prospective employer to come across something in your video that shouldn’t be there. You need to watch your own video several times before even thinking about sending it in. You may be surprised to come across embarrassing footage in your video, or maybe noise of the neighbor’s dog barking.

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