5 Video Interview Red Flags to Take Note Of

Now more than ever, more organizations are taking advantage of video interviews in their recruitment process. The key for employers and recruiting professionals reviewing these interviews is to know those signs that serve as red flags which will separate the ideal candidates from the rest. Here are 5 things you should look out for as a employer or recruiting professional using video interviews.

  1. Interview environment –

A regular interview offers very little insight into the personal life of the applicant as it is conducted in an office. A video interview on the other hand is a different story. Video interviews often take place in the candidate’s home, while they are sitting in front of a computer or other video enabled device. As an employer or interviewer, a good look at the candidate’s interview environment will provide some insight into the individual’s personality. Candidates who do not tidy up their home or who choose an environment that is busy and full of distractions tend to have a very low level of organization, and this can also reflect in their work style.

  1. Level of preparation –

Just like a regular interview, the level of preparation a candidate displays will go a long way in determining his or her interest in the job role. Candidates who are well prepared will display a good understanding of the job role, the job requirements and other information about the company and industry. An unprepared candidate will resort to notes and cue cards several times during the interview. This will show that they are either not qualified for the job role, or didn’t take time to prep for the interview. Whatever the reason, it gives an insight into how they would work if considered for the job role.

  1. Body language –

Research shows that failure to maintain eye contact and smile are two major body language mistakes candidates can make in an interview. In a one on one interview, these two signs can be spotted easily, but it is harder to do so in a video interview. However, if a candidate persistently looks at one spot during the interview session, chances are they have someone assisting them from that spot in the room.

  1. Dressing –

Anyone who has ever been interviewed knows that wearing the right kind of clothes can create the right impression.  However, there are those who for one reason or another come to an interview wearing the wrong kind of clothes. In a video interview, this is not so obvious. As an interviewer or assessor, you may need to pay extra attention and look out for tell tale signs such as wrinkles, stains and tear that would tell if the candidate is taking the interview seriously or not.


  1. Technical issues –

While it is understandable that not every candidate will have a good grasp of the technical, poor connection or technical issues during a video interview can be a sign of how conscientious the applicant is.  It shows that the candidate didn’t take time to check and recheck his or her video equipment and internet connection. Even if the candidate is not technically savvy, nothing stops them from getting a more technically savvy friend or family member to help set up the system before the interview time.

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