5 Ways to Prepare for a Video Interview and Get the Job

Video interviews are nothing new. In fact, since the invention of Skype and other video internet protocol technologies, millions of people have been hired via video interviews. Yet, there are many who still don’t know how to prepare for one.

Video interviews may be conducted remotely, but they are just as important as onsite interviews. You must therefore take them seriously if you want the job. In this post, we highlight five ways to help you prepare for video interview success.

As more employers adopt video and web-based technologies for screening interviews, don’t be surprised if you are invited to one yourself. The first thing to do is register a Skype or Google Hangout account if you don’t have one. In 2018, you will look like a digital nomad if you tell a prospective employer that you don’t an account.

1.   Determine the best device to use

You can choose from a range of digital devices, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or a mobile phone. However, for clarity, results are best on a bigger screen. Ensure you choose the right technology- buy or borrow a reliable webcam if you have to.

Remember to test all technology before the main interview. Some devices may appear to be working the previous day, only to develop a fault minutes to the interview. It is heart-breaking to experience such problems on your big day.

2.   Choose a good location

While this may not count towards your grading, it is advisable to choose a good location for video conferencing. You don’t want your potential employer to have a good view of your ruffled bedsheets during the interview. Check for sound reception and echoes too.

How is your internet technology? If you are currently using a budget plan that crawls, it may be time for an upgrade. Few things are as annoying as delayed video feeds and fuzzy reception during a live streaming interview.

3.   Plan a mock interview

Depending on the employer, the video may be a two-way or on-way feed. It is good to know before the main interview so that you can plan properly. Get a friend or family member to call you up for a mock interview. This way, you not only test the camera but also how well you will perform in the real scenario. The more trials you perform the better prepared you will be.

4.   Dress properly

Some people joke about wearing a suit with boxers or pyjamas beneath for a video conference call. It’s funny, after all the camera doesn’t go below your torso. That is until you get carried away and stand up for some reason during the interview. Don’t take any chances; dress as you would to a face-to-face interview. Besides the comfort, it adds to your confidence.

5.   Prepare in every way as you would to traditional interview

In many ways, remote interviews are a good thing. Unlike typical interviews where the interviewer’s office can seem intimidating, you get to choose you own turf for a video interview. You can also write down references on post-it notes to guide you through the discussion.

Stay calm, breathe easy and ask the right questions at the end. You should breeze through it without any problems. Don’t forget to send a short thank you email after the interview. Many job interviews tend to be a lengthy process, so follow up occasionally. Good luck!

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