8 easy ways to give your career a boost

Sometimes you don’t realise it but you’re stuck in a rut career wise. Other times you just feel like more should be happening to you in your career but it doesn’t. Maybe your career needs a major boost or maybe it doesn’t. Whatever it is, paying attention to certain details can keep you open to opportunities. The following 8 easy steps might just be the trick that will take you from waiting to doing what you need to position yourself to take maximum advantage of whatever opportunities that will come your way. You certainly can’t do all of them in a single day but if you aim to do a minimum of one each day in a 8 day session, you will find them easy and fun to follow.


While meditation and Zen mode reflections does have benefits, that’s not what this reflection refers to. What you need to do is to reflect on the history of your career path and the possible future paths. Think about what your ambitions should be and compare them to your career. Visualize your thoughts with a career map and boost your morale by writing down five achievements you are the proudest of. Identify your specific strengths and plan on how to use them to stand out in your job and in your resume.


It doesn’t matter if you are content with your job or not. Look at the job market to see what opportunities exist. Even if you’re not actively searching for a job, finding out how much people in similar roles are earning could give you information on whether or not to ask for a raise. Also you will update your skills when you find out what new skills are required in the industry. You can also choose a new direction for your career when you see the type of roles that are currently being advertised.

Review your career plan

Dust up the folder containing your career plan and start with taking a look at it.  If you don’t already have a career plan, then you need to draft one. Your career plan is important and contains your plan and goals for your career. It also helps you keep track of where you are career wise. Don’t forget to include goals related to your salary, your professional development and even major tasks for the year. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to succeed.

Organise your documents

If you are actively job hunting then being able to provide details of your qualifications, references, and endorsement in a timely fashion can be the difference between getting a desired job and not.  Update your portfolio, history of successful work examples, and whatever else your job sector requires and keep them handy and ready to go. Find the best way to store relevant content and consider the use of cloud storage such as drop box or google drive. They have the added advantage that they can be easily shared when needed.

Prepare your pitch

You know what this is- the really short pitch that convinces the hiring manager that you’re the one for the job. Your pitch should be in line with your brand and your resume but different enough that it contains some other insights.

Spruce up your resume

While it is recommended that you create a resume to fit each job opening you apply for, you need to have a template that you can create one from each time you need to. Update your resume to reflect your latest achievements and qualifications so that when you need to, you won’t accidentally leave them out.

Create a cover letter

Just like with your resume, you need a killer cover letter template. You can create one from scratch for each job opening but if you need something without warning, your killer template can help you still stand out.  Remember to always tailor each cover letter to the position you apply for.


Whether you are actively in search of a job or not, networking has a lot of benefits. Take the time to create new connections and nurture your old ones. Old friends and colleagues, and new acquaintances could prove to be important part of your career or personal life. Update your online profiles on both social media and job search sites to reflect where you currently are in life.

If you have successfully done all these, then you are officially ready to take on whatever opportunities that might happen upon you.

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