8 Jobs You Can Do from the Convenience of Your Home

Are you already employed and looking to gain a steady income stream on the side, or a pensioner hoping to supplement your current retirement income? There are available opportunities that fit this profile.

Even companies that want a healthier, more flexible work arrangement for their employees can consider jobs that allow them work from home. This not only reduces overhead costs, but enhances productivity for certain job types.

In this article, we shall highlight jobs you can do from home or allow workers perform remotely when they are unable to resume at the office.

  1. Call centre or customer service rep

In the past, “offshoring” was the term used for businesses whose functions were being transferred overseas. For example, many companies moved their call centres to New Delhi, India. In modern times, the reverse, known as “homeshoring” is becoming popular.

Homeshoring is creating several home-based customer service jobs in the UK. As a home-based rep, you can field calls for big companies like Hilton, Spiegel and so on. Depending on the organisation, you may work as a full-time employee or independent contractor.

  1. Tutor or teacher

The trend of virtual learning environments is continuing to sweep the academic and learning landscape. As Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) disrupt traditional schooling, new jobs will always be available in this area. People who work during the day find online learning alternatives suitable for their hectic schedule.

Are you a qualified tutor? Consider signing up with a site such as Coursera or search for people looking for alternative learning options for their children. You can do it live from home. Don’t hoard all that knowledge, share it!

  1. Search engine evaluation

Search engine companies have to many needs to hire full-time staff for every one of them. Hence, they contract some jobs to independent workers to oversee. For instance, search engine evaluations are outsourced to outside contractors.

It requires identifying user-friendly options or targeted keywords for easier search queries. A search engine evaluator need not resume at the office to do their job. This is what makes it perfect for home workers.

  1. Direct sales/Home

Become your own business person. Many direct sales jobs can be performed from “home”. Companies like Avon or Pampered Chef require you to host parties where their products are marketed and sold. The more exciting the party, the greater your chance of selling out.

Look online for opportunities to become a sales person for products such as makeup, jewellery or even cookware. Some sporting goods and vitamin supplement companies use home sales agents too. It is convenient and can be done on weekends.

  1. Virtual juror

This might sound unusual, but virtual jurors are a thing. While they are not used in deciding actual court cases, they help lawyers get a feel of the real jury’s decision. It also allows them to determine the viability of their cases ahead of a court session.

As a virtual juror, you will be bringing your opinions and ideas on how a section of the public interprets cases.

  1. Become a website reviewer

With online engagement playing a significant part in many business’ marketing strategy, webpreneurs are keen on developing user-friendly websites for their customers. To do this, they need independent users to test and review their sites for UX.

As a site tester, you will provide honest feedback about the site’s performance so that they can make improvements where necessary. The same applies for products too. You can test them at home and send reviews back to them for amendments.

  1. Online researcher

Do you have a passion for research and big data? Your skills can come in handy. What’s more, you don’t need to an “office” to work. Screenwriters, authors and innovators are often too busy with work development and require a researcher to augment their projects.

Research is easy as long as you have access to rich online resources as well as relevant data. You will be paid per hour and based on the quantity and quality of the results.

  1. Content writing

If you are a creative writer with a good knowledge of digital engagement, you can become a content writer. You will be responsible for creating content for websites, including blogs, social media, landing pages, product pages and so on.

Freelance writers have the freedom to select projects based on their preferences and expertise. With this, you have full control of your work hours and personal obligations.

Working from home is a preferred option in today’s world where healthier, less-stressful working arrangements are major factors.

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