Benefits of Video Interviewing; Recruiters’ Perspective

Many companies are using video interviews in their hiring process because it’s fast, easy to use and cost-effective. There are so many articles on how to prepare for a video interview, how to ace a video interview, these are all great, how about benefits of video interviewing from the recruiters’ angle. So the apparent benefit of video interviewing to a candidate is the elimination of physical journey, but have you ever wondered what benefits the hiring firms derive from this process? Well, I have some answers for you:

It’s Faster: Video interviewing makes hiring faster. Before its advent, most firms hire manually; candidates are invited for a physical interview and have to go through the process one after the other. The ill of a physical interview is that it’s extremely slow for both the candidates and especially the hiring firm. Video interviews do not only make hiring process faster, it also helps to hire firm to hire more. Paul J. Bailo, author of “The Essential Digital Interview Handbook said, “Companies are using video interviews more and candidates are getting hired faster”.

It’s Fair: Video interviewing is relatively fair because of its structured nature. While that may seem more beneficial to the candidates, it is much more beneficial to the hiring firms because all candidates get to be judged on the same questions, in the same order, and within the same time range. The fairness of this procedure helps to hire firms to identify the competent candidates from the lots. It curbs favouritism in the hiring process, thereby aiding the firms to hire the “true talents”

Testing Candidates Organizational Skills: The setting up of equipments, double checking the equipments and the finding of a conducive environment, plus the coordination of the candidates; all these require a good organizational skill. Video interviewing requires a lot of organization and hiring firms tend to look out for candidates who are best organized. In a normal physical interview, the test for organization may not be plausible; because virtually all materials required for the interview are provided by the hiring firm.

Cost Effectiveness: The travel costs by both candidates and interviewers are non-existent. Video interviews make it easy to conduct interviews from any part of the world.

Employing the Very Best: In today’s competitive business environment, attracting top talents is no easy task. Because of the demand for these talents, it is not easy to get hold of them in person. Video interviews will be far more convenient for these talents it also showcases how standard the hiring firm is.

Video Playback: Because video interviews are often recorded, interviewers can always go back to review an interview session, to see if anything is missing. Video playback affords the interviewer the chance to make his assessment at a later date. Copies of these recordings are usually kept for future references.

Video Interview Platform Employertube

There we go. Video interviewing is changing recruitment as we know it, the evolution is good for businesses; more top talents are attracted, in a faster, cheaper and more flexible manner. If your company is not engaging in video interviewing then, you are missing out on the best way to hire.

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