Common Questions To Expect In A Video Interview – continued

Previously, we looked at 5 common questions to expect in a video interview. These questions while standard for a face to face regular interview may need a bit more finesse when answering on video, as you either have more time, or less to answer the question depending on the time allotted.

Below, we look at the remaining 5 questions to plan ahead for.

  1. Why should we take you and not someone else? – This is the stage of the interview where you have to sell yourself. The interviewer is in essence asking you why you feel you are more qualified and better suited to the role than the other applicants. There are lots of things you can use to give yourself an advantage here. If you have worked for a company in similar line of business, this is the time to talk about it. If you attended a training or course that has to do with the company’s operations, let them know. Be sure to catalog your achievements and show proof of awards if any.


  1. What areas are you willing to improve on? – The answers you gave when asked about your weakness can come in here again, but this time, talk more about how you are working on them and how far you have gone. Remember, the secret is never to make yourself look bad. As a matter of fact, you can talk about improving in areas you are already very good in.


  1. What would you expect in your new job if accepted? – Most candidates assume that they are being asked about their salary expectations. If they want to know how much you are expecting, they would ask upfront. What the interviewer wants to know is if there is any addition you would like to see in your new job if accepted for the role. If you don’t know what to answer here, talk about opportunities for constructive criticism and avenues for feedback. This answer will show the interviewer that you are interested in your productivity and want to deliver only the best results.


  1. Would you be willing to relocate or travel? – Only you know the best way to answer this. If you are doing a remote interview, chances are that you will have to relocate anyway, otherwise there was no point doing the interview, so in this case, the answer would be yes. If you would rather not relocate, find away to say no without making it appear as though you were never interested or passionate about the position. You can resort to the time tested excuse of family responsibilities. However, it is important to know what the job entails before applying in the first place.


  1. How much do you expect to earn? – Not every interview will carry this question. In most cases, the company has a salary scheme that cannot be influenced. But sometimes, this question comes up to find out your sense of self worth or avarice. While there is no direct answer to this question, an idea of what they pay, or the standard industry rate will help you know how to give the right answer.


The above 5 questions are common questions that come up in a video interview. Study them and plan your answers ahead of time. This way, you can confidently answer each one and move on to the next.

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