Common Questions to Expect in a Video Interview

With more and more companies adopting video interviews as a mode of assessing potential employees, there is a huge possibility that your next interview will be in video form. It is therefore important that you know what to expect if it so happens.  Here are 10 likely questions that may come up, and you should be able to answer them without missing a beat.

  1. What are your strengths? – This standard question is usually asked in every interview, whether regular face to face or video. The important thing is not to come across as boastful but rather confident. Your strengths should focus on those skills that make you indispensible to any company. If you are being interviewed for a graphics design job, talk about the different design software you can use and your skill level in each of them.


  1. What are your weaknesses? – Another standard interview question that should be answered promptly. While it is important you answer this correctly, you don’t want to look bad. When talking about the areas you are not strong in, emphasize on the steps you are taking to get better in these areas. And if you are one of those few people on earth without any weakness, then by all means let them know, but let them also know that there are things you are learning.
  2. Why are you interested in working for us? – A lot of companies are interesting in knowing the driving force behind your decision to work for them. No company is interested in the usual “I am passionate about the job”, a lot of employees are passionate during the interview but not when they get the job. This is a question that must have a well thought out answer. Look for something in the company vision that you can align yours with and use that to create an interesting answer.


  1. What are your plans for the next 5 years? – While you may not plan to stay that long with the company, it is never a good idea to let them know this during the interview. Companies are looking for employees that can last, so think of something you would like to achieve within this period and use it to create an answer. Targeting a senior position with more responsibilities is enough to catch the attention of any interviewer.


  1. Why are you leaving your current job? – This is a loaded question aimed at finding out if you are a team player and can get along with your co workers. It is also aimed at finding out if you are one of those employees who bad mouth their past or current employer. The secret here is not to focus on the negative aspects of your current job, but to point out what you love about this new opportunity. Never give a negative answer to this question, it puts interviewers off.


Here you have it, 5 out of 10 common questions to expect in a video interview. All or some of these questions will definitely come up whether you are doing a live video interview or a prerecorded session. It is a good idea if you take some minutes to study them and plan your answers ahead of time.

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