Creating the Best Environment For Your Video Interview

Video interviews have become one of the easiest ways to identify and recruit qualified workers. For most people, there is still a learning curve to catch up with. If you have been scheduled for a video interview, you need to know that there are a few things to consider, such as how to ensure that you have the best environment for your interview. Remember that the video interview is the first opportunity a prospective employer has to access you, so you need to ensure that all your ducks are in a row.

Below are some tips that would help you look and sound good in a video interview:

Your location – The first thing you should pay attention to is the location you will be using for your interview. Your environment will give employers an insight into the type of person you are, so it is important that you give a good first impression. For example, if you plan to use a room in your home during the interview, pay particular attention to the décor. A good idea will be to use a room with very little decorations and subdued colors. The interviewer is interested in you and not the collage of family pictures hanging on the wall, so it may not really be necessary putting in some fresh flowers.

Acoustics – After choosing a location, take a moment to find if the room is good for sound. If possible, make a recording on your phone and playback. This way, you will find out if the room is good for sound or if it throws back echo. You want the interviewer to hear you properly without distortion in sound. The most important thing is to make sure that the room is located where you are safe from outside noises and distractions. Even after the initial sound check, a good idea will be to do a repeat test on the interview day to find out if anything has changed.

Lighting – Apart from hearing what you have to say, the interviewer will want to see you on camera. This means that you have to ensure that where you are using for the video interview is properly lighted. It may be necessary to put in a few additional lights. However, put only enough that you don’t get blinded or have to squint into the camera during your interview. It is a good idea to do quick equipment test with a friend. Set up your equipment and do a video call, if the friend can see and hear you properly, chances are the interviewer will also. Just make sure you don’t appear as a dark blob on the screen at the interviewer’s end.

While video interviews may appear a lot different from person to person interviews, the similarities are also much. You also need to pay attention to your wardrobe and personality. Even though you are in control of your surroundings, displaying the necessary professionalism will endear you to the interviewers and can help you put a foot in through the door.

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