Elements of a Winning Recruitment Video

In today’s competitive business environment, any organization that wants to hold the advantage has to stay ahead of the curve and be fully involved in the current way of doing things, and one of those ways is talking advantage of videos in recruitment. Today’s technology makes it simple to create highly engaging and professional looking videos without expensive equipment, and creating a great recruitment video is necessary for attractive highly innovative and skilled people into the workforce.

Here are some of the elements that should be found in a winning recruitment video

The proper equipment

The first thing any organization interested in creating recruitment videos will need is the proper recording equipment. As already pointed out, there are thousands of relatively equipment that will create videos without breaking the bank. A simple webcam used under the right conditions can do the trick, but you may want to consider hiring video equipment for a couple of days. There are several free video editing software that can be downloaded on your laptop for playing around with your video until you get the result you want, however you can also locate a professional to do the editing for you.


Studies have shown that applicants trust testimonials and content shared by current employees more than those shared by management or the CEO. To attract the kind of candidates you want, ask several employees to come on camera and talk about the company. Employee testimonials can be a valuable tool that will effectively persuade qualified candidates that your organization is the right place for them.

Office shots

if you want potential employees to have a feel of what your organization looks like, then you should consider a shot of the office environment including work areas, cafeteria, and other point of interests. This shot should be accompanied with a narrative or audio that talks about what an average work day looks like, giving potential applicants an idea of what to expect.

Message from the top

Even though content from current employees are very important, it is also important that the video carries at least a short message from top management. It could be an introduction, a welcome or a promise. Whatever the content is, potential employees need to know that there is a personality behind the business. If you are making different videos for different departments, then a short message from individual departmental heads will be very beneficial.

Short and sweet

The average attention span of today is no longer than 2 minutes, therefore it is important that your recruitment video while being long enough to pass the message, is short enough not to be boring. Anything under 5 minutes is a good idea if you want to keep your audience’s attention. Try as much as possible to put the meat of the video in the first 3 minutes, so that the message is passed before they lose interest.

Once you have your recruitment video done, put it upon your website, social media accounts, job boards and every other place you feel the type of people you are looking for will visit. If you cannot do a passable video on your own, then by all means, look for someone who can.

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