How to Make an Engaging Recruitment Video

Why are recruitment videos so great? Because they give applicants not just a feel of what the job entails, but also a feel of the culture and the people working in the company. Most people looking for jobs are more interested in the people they are going to be working with than the work itself. Recruitment videos are therefore an efficient way of getting the best in the field to apply for your company. It creates a really appealing and compelling first impression, and differentiates you from your competitors.

We are going to be looking at ways of making your recruitment video engaging.

  1. What is Your Overall Goal?

Decide on what you’re trying to achieve with the video. Is your aim to showcase the culture of your company and what it stands for? Are you making the video to attract a particular demographic? Answering these questions will help you in deciding what to focus on while making your recruitment video.

  1. What are the Attractive Things about Your Company?

You are going to need the help of some of the employees on this one. Talk to the managers and employees including those in the Human Relations section. Having a pool of personal ideas from different sources will give you a wide base to tap from. Ask them what they like about working in the company. After collecting their responses, you can have them help you decide the best three out of all the responses given. The ones selected will be part of what you can use in creating questions for your recruitment video.

  1. How do You Prepare Your Interview Questions?

Your interview question list should be directly related to the answers you got from your survey. Prepare your questions based on the top answers you got. Remember that a good recruitment video should be authentic. Do not tell people what to say, allow them to answer in their own words during the video interview. This will make the conversation flow naturally and not seem forced.

Avoid making it a Q&A segment except when it is absolutely necessary. Instead of saying “what is your experience working here?” phrase it as “tell me about your experience working here”. This makes the conversation flow and will have the audience or the applicant viewing the video to feel engaged in the conversation.

  1. How do You Prepare an Interviewee?

This is a very important factor. You do not want your interviewee coming in for the interview cold and unprepared. You want the individual feeling good and at their best. It is advisable to hand the questions to all the subjects you will be interviewing 3-4 days ahead of time. It gives them enough time to think the questions through and come up with answers they will feel comfortable with. Remember to start the interview with some small talk, this will get the interviewee to relax and get into the groove. Interview as many individuals as possible. This will give you lots of options, and answers to choose from. You can then select the best ones to use when editing.

  1. Be Concise

Human interest span is a fleeting thing. You don’t want to lose your audience midway through your video. Make your video as concise and straight to the point as possible. Avoid over stuffing your video with too much information by focusing on a few things. 3minutes is a great length to make your recruitment video. This will keep whoever is watching the video interested till the very end.


A recruitment video is a great way to grow your company. Show off what your company has helped employees to achieve, and the amazing opportunities you have to offer.

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