How Video Interview Works

It is no secret that more employers are increasingly turning to videos as an effective way to interview and assess potential employees. In some cases, the initial assessment is done via video before a physical meeting, in other cases, especially when the candidate lives far away, most if not all the interview process is done via video.

Here, we look at how video interview works for the employers and the job seekers.

Benefits to employers –

Video interviews initially started with tech firms but have grown to be generally accepted by non tech businesses also. It provides the interviewer or employer with the opportunity to replay, review and reassess the interview session at his or her convenience. This way, they can compare between different candidates without having to remember who is who, or resort to records and applications.

A video interview also allows the employer to see the candidate in an informal environment so as to assess their suitability and personality. Candidates tend to be less constraint when being interviewed outside an office environment and they may be able to express themselves better than they would do in an interview hall. On the other hand, it allows employers see and determine if the candidate meets their corporate profile from the way he or she talks, dresses and answers questions.

Using video interviewing saves time and money for employers. A lot of the resources that should go into travel expenses can be converted into other areas of the business. And if the interviewer is choked for time, he or she can fix the interview for a more convenient time. Even though the same rules as a physical face to face interview applies to a video interview, there is room for some flexibility.

As hiring managers or employers review the interview videos again, they can select candidates that fit their requirements for further follow up.

Benefits to employees –

As a potential employee, video interview offers the chance to properly showcase your expertise and experience without the restrictions of a formal environment. Of course, you still have to dress properly and observe the same etiquettes as a physical interview, but you have the advantage of working from familiar surroundings, and this can give your confidence a boost.

In some cases, you can even determine the direction of the interview due to how your setup your interview location. For instance, the props you strategically place around you can lead to questions about your areas of strength.

For long distance applicants, a video interview can save you on travel expenses, travel stress and the whole inconvenience involved in moving from one location to another.

However, it is important to remember that a video interview despite these benefits is no different from a physical interview. The interviewer will be asking the same set of questions and looking for the same things, such as confidence, suitability, team spirit and other factors that fit their requirements. If you don’t meet their expectations, you may not move over to the next stage. It is therefore important that you approach a video interview the same way you approach a regular interview. Read up more on our 5 Tips to ace your video interview for essential techniques that would help you emerge successful.

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