How Video Interviews bring Companies the Best Talent!

Leading companies need to reinvent themselves in order to keep up in a competitive, digital-focused world. A lot of these companies are moving to modern technology and process; one of which is Video Interviewing and screening.

The video interview has been defined as, “… a job interview that takes place remotely and uses video technology as the communication medium.” There are essentially two types of video interviewing/ screening. There are asynchronous videos, where the applicant is given a set of questions by the recruiter to answer and later submit back to them. Then there are synchronous videos, which is a live video chat between the recruiters and the applicant, at a time convenient for both parties. Either of these can be used at different stages of the recruitment process.

The benefits of this technology include the fact that it is cost effective, timely, largely convenient for both the employer and applicant, and, most importantly, it helps the company attract the best talent for the job!

Let’s focus on the latter;

Every company wants to employ the best talent for their team. One of the core responsibilities of every recruiter is to ensure they find the best candidates for their company, so they make applicants pass through numerous time-consuming processes to filter them based on their competencies. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee that at the end of the day, “The best person wins!”

Let me tell you why!

A lot of applicants go through a lot of preparation for the Face to Face interview, reading all they can about their prospective employers, only for them to get nervous during the face to face interview, forgetting all the things they learnt. In the end, you have a talented applicant who got so nervous they couldn’t display their full potential! People react to pressure differently. Sure, if a role requires that someone deal with pressure as an integral part of the job then put them under pressure and see how they react. However, in many jobs creativity is fostered by a relaxed environment. The face to face job interview may be the opposite to what you want to create.

Then here comes Video Interviews!

video interviews by employertube

Ideally, video interviews are done at the convenience of the applicant, be it asynchronous or synchronous. The applicant is able to be in their comfort zone, largely buffered from the stress of a traditional interview scenario. They become more at ease and able to perform how they will in their day to day job.

The result?

Their full potential shines through! At the end of the day, a win-win situation has been created; the applicant is given the opportunity to fully showcase their competencies, while the company is not denied the opportunity of hiring the best candidate for themselves, all the while saving money!

By introducing video interview techniques into their recruitment process, recruiters create a winning environment for everyone!

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