Impress the interviewer with these 5 tips

Most interviewers have seen it all. They know all the tricks in the book and are prepared for any gimmick you are likely to throw at them. Whether you are wearing your power suit or staring the interviewer the interviewer right in the eye, it is what you bring to the interview room that matters.

So what can you do to really impress a recruiter at your next interview? The following tips will help.

  1. Know your experience –

The easiest part of any job interview should be talking about your previous job experience. However, it is amazing that most people find it hard to put their working years in words. As you prepare for the interview, look over your resume and think about your past responsibilities, the highlights and low points, challenges you faced and how you overcame them. You should be ready to explain what you did in between jobs if you have any gaps in work history. It will be easier for you to explain your job experience when you have the details fresh in your mind.

  1. Relate your experience to the job you are applying for –

Interviewers are impressed if you can apply your past challenges and their effects to the role you are being interviewed for. Knowing what you did is one thing, but proving how it will aid you in your new role will help you clinch the job. Identify goals in your new role that will benefit from your experience and discuss how you can use these experience and skills to succeed in the position you are applying for.

  1. Have a story –

Not every interview is a straight question and answer session. Sometimes you may need to do a bit of talking for the interviewer to decide if you are right for the position. When preparing for the interview, it can be a good idea to craft a story that would sell you to the interviewers. Your story should contain your selling point. Do a proper research on the organization and look for areas where you can stylishly incorporate your career objectives with the company’s goals. It is important that you find areas where you and the organization have something in common.

  1. Ask relevant questions –

At some point during the interview, you will be told to ask questions. It is important that you have questions that are highly relevant to the role and the company. Interviewers are impressed if you come with well thought out questions. Your questions should closely relate to what you know about the job and how you can better utilize your skills in the organization. Questions like these show that you are really interested in the organization and in the position.

  1. Send a thoughtful follow up note after the interview –

It is a good idea to send a thoughtful follow up note to the interviewer a day or two after the interview. You can use this medium to remind the company why you remain the best candidate for the position based on your skills and experience. Make sure you don’t use flowery language or flattery. The note should be short and straight to the point.

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