Is Video Technology The New Wave In Recruitment?

Recruiting talents may seem a simple enough process, but identifying and attracting the right candidates out of a pool of hundreds or even thousands can be made easier using video technology.

A few years ago, a university degree is all it takes to triumph in the job market. However, these days, employers are seeing an influx of CVs in their inboxes from equally smart and talented individuals. It is becoming increasingly difficult to determine what sets these candidates apart that employers and recruitment agencies must look for a way to pull the best candidate out of all the applicants out there. Video interview is arguably the best solution to this dilemma. With solutions like this offered by companies like Employer Tube, organizations can easily attract and recruit better talents.

Essential benefits –

Many of the benefits of using videos in recruitment are pretty obvious. For instance, video interviewing reduces the burden of expenses on the part of the recruiters or HR department and at the same time reduces the risk of bringing in unsuitable candidates. A lot of people currently looking for jobs possess impressive qualifications, good work experience and relevant background. However, not all of them are suitable for the job role, or the organization. Video interview provides a cost effective and time saving way of filtering through the crowd to identify the individuals that would suit the organization and job role more.

Regardless of the job role or organization, video interview gives applicants the same level playing field to impress the interviewers as they all go through the same test of skill, qualification and personality in the same allotted time. At the managerial level, video technology reduces costs, improves the efficiency of the recruitment process and makes it easy for the company to engage more experienced and better qualified candidates.

Getting it right –

Even though using video technology in recruitments in not exactly a new trend, a lot or organizations and job candidates are yet to catch on. In today’s highly competitive job market, most times, the ideal candidate cannot be found using regular methods. You have highly skilled individuals hidden in the press of CVs and applications. This increases the risk of picking an unsuitable candidate for the job role based on what is written on paper. Video technology affords employers the opportunity to avoid the time and expenses involved in physically assessing the wrong people. Instead, it helps reduce the screening process, eliminate discrimination in the hiring process and puts the right candidate directly in front of potential employers. Based on a number of predefined criteria, organizations can now get the right fit for the company and job role with minimum hassle.

While a few people are worried about the technical aspects of this system, graduates of today are more technologically advanced and they tend to lean more towards organizations that keep up with the times. Even though video technology may not wipe out traditional recruitment process anytime soon, it is a necessity that every organization should implement in their hiring process. If your organization is yet to do so, you are missing out on a number of benefits.

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