Make Your Resume Stand Out With These 5 Tips

Employers and recruiters are swamped with hundreds of resume anytime there is a job opening. A good number of the applicants are highly qualified for the job role and for you to stand a chance of landing an interview, you need to have a really impressive resume. You have barely two minutes to impress a prospective employer and convince them that you are right for the job.

We have put together 5 sure tips to help you create a resume that stands out

  1. Tailor your resume to the job description

Sending in a generic resume is not going to catch the eye of an employer. You need something that instantly identifies you are the ideal candidate for the job. For this to happen, you have to tailor your resume to suit the job role. This may involve completely overhauling your resume to target the job description. While you may have several skills and qualification, only include those that are relevant to the job role. Figure out exactly what the company is looking for and emphasize your skills to show that you meet the requirements.

  1. Go visual

There are usually a large number of qualified individuals vying for the same opportunity, and you need every help you can get to stand out of the crowd. A good idea will be to make your resume visual. Video resumes are increasingly becoming accepted as a way of showcasing your skills and personality to potential employers. Video resume gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and create a connection with recruiters. You can also share it on your social media profiles and video sharing websites where recruiters and employers can see it.

  1. Incorporate relevant keywords

Companies are increasingly making use of application tracking to identify and process resumes. Only resumes that meet a particular standard will get to a human desk. Because of this, it is necessary that you include relevant keywords when uploading your resume. These keywords will help the screening software identify your resume as relevant to the job opening. Do a research for keywords that companies are looking for and use them in your resume.

  1. Make it personal

Even though the job is all about your skills, it is important you remind the employer that there is an actual person behind the qualifications. Whether you are using a video resume or a text based resume, mention something unique about yourself and find a way to relate it to the job opening. This could be a previous experience you had or a professional accomplishment relevant to the job role. This will give your resume personality and can help you connect with the employer.

  1. Make sure it is error free

Nothing destroys your chances at an interview as much as a resume that is full of errors. Regardless of the format you choose to use, ensure that your resume is error free. Before you send in your resume, do a proper proof reading so that you can detect errors and correct them. Your video resume should have high quality pictures and good sounds. You should also make sure that your background is free of items that would show you up in a bad light.

Making your resume stand out may entail extra effort, but the results will be worth the hassle.

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