Moving Past Mistakes in a Video Interview

No matter how prepared you are, there is still the possibility that you may make a mistake during your interview. While this is something that should be avoided as much as you can, with the right poise, it is possible to move past mistakes during your video interview session.

Here are some unfortunate situations that can occur during a video interview and suggestions on how to recover quickly.

While this is one thing you must try to avoid, if it does happen, acknowledge that it did and move on quickly. Trying to pretend that you never came on late is wrong, but getting flustered and apologizing all through will not do any good. Simply apologize for logging on late and then continue as if nothing happened.

This is definitely embarrassing but not essentially fatal. If it happens during a live video interview session and you discover your mistake while you are still talking to the person, apologize and make the correction immediately. If however you find out your mistake after the interview has ended, sending a quick email apologizing for the mistake will suffice.

You should make sure that your internet and equipment is set and ready to roll long before your interview time. If however, technical difficulties arise during your interview, you lose connection and cannot get back online, call the interviewer immediately to explain that you are having technical difficulties. Explain that you actually checked your connection before starting and that the fault came up suddenly. The interviewer may want to continue the process over the phone, or they may be willing to reschedule. Never leave them waiting for long wondering what happened to you.

It is advisable that you are alone when doing a video interview. However if you are not and a child or pet starts making noise in the background, don’t pretend that nothing is wrong or try to work over it. Say you are sorry for the disturbance and ask for a few minutes to sort out the disturbance. Quickly resolve the cause of the noise and come back to the interview. Once you get back before the camera, thank the interviewer for waiting and pick up from where you stopped.

Maybe you were hospitalized or had a serious issue that prevented you from making your interview. Don’t leave the interviewer or recruiting officer with the wrong opinion of you. As soon as you are able, send an email explainer the reason for your absence and asking if your interview can be rescheduled. Where possible, accompany your email with proof such as a doctor’s report

Mistakes are bound to happen. However, it is what you do after the mistake happens that matters. Applying the suggestions above will help you avert a potentially damaging situation during your next video interview.

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