Re-Branding Your Firm with Videos

There is a big bang in online videos, which can be credited to the high-paced internet connections on mobile and desktop devices. There are drastic changes as a result; little or no interests whatsoever in text and image supported content. The internet is practically littered with videos, as of February 2014, the most watched YouTube video had a little over 1 billion views, presently the most watched YouTube video has more than 4 billion views; that’s a staggering 300% increase in viewership in just 4 years.

As an employer, you must have a brand video; it is invaluable. Moreover, most professional firms make use of videos extensively now, if you don’t too, you will be at a competitive disadvantage. So how do you video-brand your firm?

Workers:  Human resources are the most important components of any business firm; as such their outlook will have an impact on the status and stature of the firm. Having a video show the passion and energy of your workers, their dress mode, mode of operation, and relationship with each other will be significant. Such a video will give the public an inside look into the firm’s work ethic, also job seekers or applicant will be able to decide if the company will be a good fit. Workers are the face of the company, so the way they are reflected in the video will go a long way in forming an opinion in the business environment.

Workstation:  So, you have a nice work with standard facilities. Good for you! But if no one gets to see it what’s the point? Prospective clients will feel more confident doing business with you when your office is shown in HD, job candidates will try head-over-heels to get recruited into your firm. A good looking work environment oozes professionalism and confidence. People are attracted to good looking facilities, since you have one, just control the queue.

Flaunt Your Firms Value and Customs: The values and customs of your firm represent what your firm stands for. The culture of your firm will be further illuminated through a video. The video can show how your firm has impacted the market and lives. Testimonials from clients and your employees can be captured on video and made available for public viewing. A unique video idea will make you stand out and attract a huge following. Spoken words performance about your firm’s values can be captured on video.

Your Products: As important as your workers are, they would be irrelevant if the product doesn’t do well. The performance of the products in the market is the marker for evaluating job performance and productivity. Marketing of goods is a common trend now, but some firms still don’t do it well; this result in a competitive disadvantage, don’t be like them. Make an engaging interactive video clip, not longer than 5 minutes, this capture and command the attention of your prospective clients.

Bottom Line

A video is a great medium of showcasing your brand, it’s like a re-branding process, because at the end of the day if your video is compelling enough the perception of the clients, business partners, and job seekers will improve significantly.

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