Talents Optimization

A thousand and one workers, fifty key branches, large market base. These are all factors that spell “giant” when talking about a firm. While a firm may seem to thrive, the surprising thing is that the talent of the firm may not be fully optimized. Most firms have brilliant staff, but the truly gifted are few, if these “true talents” are optimized, firms will explode beyond imagination.  What is most astonishing is that geniuses in firms are almost always unrecognized. They are often found in miniature departments of the firm; that is a typical case of low talent optimization, take for instance a genius financial analyst being placed in the records room of a firm; there are few ways to waste talents than that. So, how can “true talents” be optimized?

Proper Job Placement: There is recruitment there is staffing and there is placement. From the point of recruitment, expert recruiters would easily identify a genuine talent. The identification of a talent should result in instant staffing and proper job placement. If a prodigy is suitably placed, waves are going to be made. Proper job placement is therefore pertinent to avoid misplaced talent which may, in turn, result in low optimization.

Motivation: You know they got it, but they are not showing it, why you are wondering. Well, I may have just the answer for you; are they well remunerated? Do they have at their disposal the best of types of equipment? Is the work environment conducive enough? To cut short the long story, are they motivated? Motivation is key to getting the best out of any employee. No matter how talented or gifted a worker is, a poor work environment and meagre remuneration will barely produce anything outstanding. Even if the remuneration and work environment are good enough, the employer still has a responsibility to do more. This post is not telling you to make them gods, but do enough to make them feel valued and appreciated; give them work bonuses, holidays and when morale is down, lift them up.

Talents Interactivity: Interaction of talents may lead to the creation of something truly special, so many inventions have occurred because two or more brilliant minds conversed constantly. Yes, some of them like to stay in isolation and yes great things are still begotten, but never in the history of humanity has the interaction of people with like minds not produce exceptional results. As such conferences, workshops that are fully sponsored by the firm should be offered to these talents.

Standard Work Environment: Well ventilated offices, great conference arena; possibly with video conferencing equipment, adequate and competent co-staff etc. All these and more will help the work-drive and growths of talents.

Let Them Train Others: What can kill a firm suddenly is “singular expertise”. In any case, where an employee is significantly adept and knowledgeable in a field, ensure other employees are trained.

Positive Reinforcement: Positive reinforcement is a process that rewards an individual for doing well in a particular situation. When a kid behaves well, you buy the kid candy or a cup of ice cream. Employees respond well to positive reinforcement. When they do well reward them, they will strive to do better next time.


Great things exist, but greater things beckon if talents could be optimized. Motivation is key in talent optimization as pointed out, so let me leave you with a bit of motivation from the Late British Scientist, Stephen Hawkings; “The Universe has an underlying boundary, but what is most astonishing is that there is no boundary to human endeavours”

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