Video Interview; Hitting the Ball Out of the Park!

So, when video interview is mentioned, most candidates know the basics but are they enough for you to wow your interviewers. Yes, it’s important to check your tech and your outfit, but they are no guarantees that your video interview will be a success. In this article, I am going to tell you those things that will make sure your video interview is more than “just fine”, amazingly they are the simplest of things:

Make Eye Contact: Most people that are not accustomed to video chitchat tend to look at the screen rather than the Camera while some look at the floor. The angle of your camera must be set directly on your face and making eye contact projects confidence, a level eye contact projects respect, and will show your concentration. Ensure you don’t stare, blink once in a while.

Smile: Occasional smiles do not only project calm and balance to the interviewers; it also gives you as a candidate a sense of composure. Barbara Pachter, etiquette and communications expert says “You’re creating an image of yourself as soon as you turn on your camera,” Smiling can help calm your nerve when you are hit with a complex question. On the flip side, frowning during your video interview may portray frustration to your interviewers. In fact, frowning especially after being asked a tricky question may be interpreted as you not being able to respond well to pressure.

Be Honest: “Honesty is the best policy”. Better believe it, because your interviewers expect you to be honest. Background checks are commonly carried out in a recruitment process, as such be careful when be asked questions by your interviewers; they may already know the answers to those questions. In certain cases, in an effort to significantly reduce the number of applicants, interviewers maybe asked extremely tricky questions, at this point, answer the questions as best as you could.

Be Concise: When questions are asked by your interviewer, it is imperative that your answers are brief and straight to the point. Interviewers will get bored if you engage in storytelling. Your concise answers will paint you as intelligent and also save you from further questions on the subject. In an attempt to “over-explain” an uncomplicated question, candidates sometimes shoot themselves in the foot. Long explanation by candidates may lead to further probing.

Be Audible: When asked questions during your video interview, make sure your response is loud enough, your interviewers expect quality feedback. You never know what your interviewers are rating you with; it would be wise not to take any chance. Your audibility will portray command and strength to your interviewers.

Body Language: The Company isn’t trying to recruit a robot; make sure why you speak, you also make gestures. Be sure that your gestures don’t fall outside your camera frame. Show your interviewers that you are great at interacting; this may leave a good impression on them.

Aren’t they simple? Making use of the above-mentioned points, your interviewers will definitely get awed by you, why not give them a try.

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