Video Interview Vs Face-to-Face Interview: The Way Forward for Job Seekers

Video interview is rapidly becoming mainstream as the traditional, face-to-face, method is giving way to it. Brands are now gradually resorting to it as a means recruiting employees. Those brands are not just keeping track of what technology has offered them, they are actually resorting to video interview because of its benefits over the traditional method. Those benefits are not only limited to employers but tojob-seekers alike. As such, what video interview creates is a win-win situation for the parties involved. Here is the comparison of the two methods.

The traditional method of interview is time consuming, stressful, and expensive to both the recruiter and the candidate.  Video interview on the other hand makes up for all the drawbacks of face-to-face interviews. The specific benefits of video interview are as follows:

The Way Forward for the Interviewee

Though video interview has the above advantages over face-to-face interview, it shouldn’t be taken for granted as it still has its own challenges. In fact, some of the principles which apply to the traditional method still apply to it. So prospective video interviewee should consider the following tips.

But How Does Employertube Come in?

We understand how daunting the whole job-searching activity could be. So, our sworn  commitment is to make the whole process as easy as possible for recruiters and  job-seekers. For the job-seekers, the simply thing they have to do is sign up with us. Once they do that, notifications of job openings will be sent to their emails. After the notification, they should simply submit their CV, after which it becomes our duty to match their CV with the openings most suitable for them. We make sure that with little or no effort, those who need jobs get invited for interviews and eventually secure the jobs.

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