What You Need To Know About Video Interviews

While a lot of people are familiar with the current trend of using videos in recruitment, there are those who do not know, or are not very familiar with the process. The purpose of this post is to provide an introductory guide to using videos for recruitment purposes.

What exactly is a Video Interview?

Video interviews involve using online video technology as a platform to connect job seekers and employers. This provides a way for employers to assess potential employees and determine if they are well suited for the job role. Video interviews are usually done remotely unlike a traditional interview which is done face to face. The success of a video interview lies in the ability to see and be seen as well as heard. This system gives candidates a great opportunity to present themselves in the best possible light in a stress free environment.

Types of Video Interviews

Even though all video interviews involve remote communication, there are different ways a video interview can be conducted. The following are some of the common ways video interviews are carried out.

Interviews can be carried out in real time. This process is very similar to a face to face interview the only difference is that it happens remotely plus, there is no travel cost and the usual time it takes to schedule a typical interview is much reduced. Just like a traditional interview, there is an interviewing manager or an interview team at one end and the candidate at the other end.

In a live video interview, the interviewer and candidate can create a connection at anytime and the same process of questions and answers is involved. There is however the added advantage of recording the interview session so that it can be reviewed at a later date, so that other members of the human resource team can have a say in the selection process.

One way video is an asynchronous system of interview. In a one way interview system, the interviewer and candidate do not have to meet; rather the interviewing team can create a series of interview questions and send to the prospective candidates who will then record their answers to these questions and send across.

Even though there is a set of questions that need answers, the candidate has the opportunity to showcase their impressive skills and charisma while answering the questions. However, in most cases, this type of interviews customize the amount of time a candidate has to answer each questions, so candidates have to be smart on their feet. This gives the interviewer the opportunity to see the candidate in a pressured environment.

The interviewer or employer can then view the video answers at their convenience before inviting the most suitable candidate for further person to person assessment.

Why use video interviews?

There are several reasons why companies need to consider using videos in their recruitment process.

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