When the interview does not involve shaking hands

As a job applicant, the possibility that you will be invited to a video interview is extremely high. Even though face to face interview is not exactly dead, more and more companies are increasingly using videos as a means to connect and assess potential candidates for a job role.

If your next job interview does not involve shaking hands or a physical meeting, what can you do to be successful? The following tips will come in handy.

Prepare your surroundings

There are several factors that can make your video interview successful and one of them is your interview environment. A video interview in most cases takes place in your home, or any other suitable location. You therefore need to choose a quiet space that is tidy and presentable. Clutter makes you look unorganized, but a clear uncluttered surrounding will help you concentrate on your interview and remind you that you are in a formal situation.

Ensure that there is no potentially embarrassing item lying around the space you plan to use. You may need to clear away your favorite memorabilia or any item that says too much about your personal life. You don’t want to pass across the wrong information during your interview session.

Avoid potential distractions or interruptions

Distractions and interruptions can damage your chances in a video interview. If you live a busy life, find a way to put your schedules on hold for the duration of the interview. Get a baby sitter, turn off your phones and tell friends to keep away for the period of your interview.

When it is getting close to the time for your video interview, turn off every form of distractions in form of TV, internet and radio. The TV show you are trying to catch up with is not as important as your job interview. If you don’t live alone, ensure that those you live with are aware of your upcoming interview and the time for it. You don’t want to be on air and have someone screaming your name in the background.

Body language matters

Even though you are not in the same room as the interviewer, your body language is no less important. The same posture and body language you use in a face to face interview is the same you should use in a video interview. You have to sit straight, look enthusiastic, attentive and ready.

It is very important that you are conscious of your every gesture including how you use your hands to express yourself. You don’t want to appear threatening. If possible, keep your hands still except where absolutely needed. 

Look the part

At the end of the day, a video interview follows the same rules as a regular interview. This means that you should do everything as you would in a normal interview. It therefore follows that you should wear the same thing you would if you were heading into an interview room. Never assume that because you are being interviewed from the comfort of your home, the interview is less professional or formal. Also don’t assume that because the camera will be focusing on you from the waist up, that you can wear anything you want below. What if you need to stand up for one reason or another? The rule is simple, dress how you want to be addressed.

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