3 Extremely Important Things to Help You Prepare For Your Video Interview

If you are in search of a new job, chances are you will be facing a video interview amidst your application process. More than 60% of companies carry out their interview sessions using video technology. To be among the top players in the video interview selection process, you have to know the right things to do in order to stand out in your interview. A good video interview will increase your chances of being selected for that job.

We will be looking at some important things that will help you impress the interviewer and get hired for the job.

  1. Play out a Video Interview

If it will be your first time participating in a job interview, you need to get a feel of what it might be like before the real interview. This will help you avoid embarrassing yourself or making avoidable mistakes. You can have a friend interview you over a video platform such as Skype. This will help you identify possible issues such as poor lighting (ensure the room is well lit) and poor sound quality. Be sure to check your surroundings and make sure there are no embarrassing objects lying around such as personal posters on the wall. Make sure the room you choose for your interview looks clean and professional. Remember, practice makes perfect. Practice as much as you need to get a hang of it.

  1. Dress Properly

It goes without saying that your dressing says a lot about you. It is important to choose the right clothing before a video interview.

  1. Remember to Smile

Smiling is important. It shows you are socially aware and that you are a pleasant person to work with. However, like every other thing in life, too much of it should be avoided. You don’t want to come across as a creepy person by smiling too much during an interview. Smiling unnecessarily can make you look nervous as well. Practice this with a friend during your “play out interview” and record it. This way you can watch it later to know if you are overdoing it, and how to make it look better. Remember to act confident during your interview even if you feel nervous:


Video interviews may be a new terrain, but with the right approach, you can make it work to your advantage.

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