5 Video Interview Myths Debunked

Although the number of companies opting to use video interviews in their recruitment process is increasing daily, there are still those that are yet to get on board. There are several reasons why these companies are yet to take advantage of the opportunities that this new trend offers, in most cases, there are certain myths that hold them back. Here, we look at 5 of the most common myths associated with video interviews.

Video interviews are impersonal –

Many recruiters and even applicants worry that video interviews are impersonal. There is the assumption that this process is less professional than a traditional interview. These assumptions are incorrect. Video interviews are no less professional than regular traditional interviews, neither are they less personal. There is very little difference between a video interview and a traditional interview. As a matter of fact, the same rule applies for both. The interviewer or recruiting officer in a video interview is as involved in the process as any regular interview.

Video interviews are only needed for distance hiring –

Many companies assume that video interviews are only needed for long distance or international hiring. This assumption is also false. Video hiring is not limited to international hires only. It can also be used effectively for local hires. It provides an ideal solution for high volume screening, giving employers the opportunity to assess and connect with candidates both locally and long distance, before deciding who to invite for a follow up interview. This helps both the employer and job candidate to save on travel expenses and time.

Video interviews discourage candidates from applying –

There is the belief that video interviews are only meant for tech savvy applicants and will serve to discourage less innovative candidates. This assumption is flat out wrong. As long as you can work Skype, YouTube or any video communication software, you can handle a video interview. As a matter of fact, video interviews are not as complex as most people assume it to be. So rather than discouraging qualified candidates, video interview actually attracts them. One study revealed that job applicants with previous video interview experience prefer video interviews over traditional person to person interview.

Only large firms can afford video interviews –

Some companies assume that video interview is a capital intensive investment that only really large firms can afford. The reality however is that any company regardless of size can use video interviews in their recruitment process. Video interviews also help both the companies involved and the candidates save on travel expenses and other travel inconvenience. These savings combined with the ROI makes the investment in video technology worth it.


Video interview equipment is hard to come by –

It is assumed that to have a successful video interview, there are certain equipments that candidates need to have, such as webcams, microphones, lightening system and so on. Most applicants and even companies assume that these equipments are hard to come by. This assumption is incorrect. To carry out a video interview, a candidate needs any device that connects to the internet and has video capabilities. This means that any Smartphone, tablet or laptop computer can serve perfectly; and these are devices that just about everyone own.

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