Employertube VS Launchpad

Following on from our HireVue vs Employertube blog post – here we take a look at Launchpad and Employertube in a bit more detail.

Covering everything from what each platform has to offer, how much they cost, what value they can provide, who they’re targeted at and an overall roundup of the pros and cons.

Launchpad, What is it?

Launchpad was established in 2010 and is led by Managing Director, Will Hamilton, and Finance Manager, Rob Garlick. The company operates worldwide and currently serves over 200 customers. Launchpad’s head offices are based in Fleet Street in London.

Employertube explained:

Employertube has emerged as a strong contender in the video interview space with a platform that appeals to both job-seekers, employers and recruitment agencies. Employertube was founded by digital entrepreneur, Nick Marr, who has contributed to multiple businesses that have embraced new technology to revolutionise their sector.

Nick Marr had an early career in the police force, where he saw first-hand how a lack of diversity and unconscious bias could negatively impact a team. Since then he has gone on to speak at numerous conferences and worked with dozens of businesses to champion workplace diversity. This was clearly a key driving factor in the creation of Employertube which puts a heavy focus on diversity recruiting.

Having officially launched in 2017, Employertube is relatively new to the video recruitment scene, but Marr has been working on the technology for much longer and the platform launched with an impressively comprehensive solution.

What does Launchpad have to offer?

Launchpad focuses on an end-to-end recruitment automation solution and offers a range of products and features within this category. Their recruitment software works with a range of operating systems and devices, including Mac, PC, iPhone/iPad and Android phones.

Launchpad breaks down its offering into a selection of different products, and it’s not clear whether you can pick and choose which products you take (for example just take up their live video interview product on its own), or whether you need to adopt their entire solution.

What is included in Launchpads products?

The downside of Launchpad’s offering is that they break up their solution into different products and don’t appear to offer a dedicated video interview service with all the related bells and whistles. However, if you’re looking to adopt an entire recruitment automation solution, they clearly have a lot to offer.

They put a heavy emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, or AI, and Machine Learning as something that makes them unique. And they claim that they’re sophisticated analytics and reporting tools can help to promote diversity and eliminate bias from parts of your hiring process.

Launchpad also offers an API so that developers can integrate their software directly into their own applications. This is great news for larger companies with technical resources available as it will allow customisation and integration into any existing software or databases. However, if you’re a smaller company with limited engineering resources, this probably won’t be much use to you.

What does Employertube have to offer?

Employertube offers a slick and seamless video interview recruitment platform with both live and pre-recorded video interviews available. The platform makes it easy for employers to scale their recruitment process without losing out on candidate experience or quality of talent. 

With Employertube’s platform, employers or recruiters can easily create branded video screening processes to assess early stage candidates – allowing users to create tailored questions with fixed read and answer times. Once candidates have submitted their responses, hiring managers can analyse and compare multiple candidates at once with smart reporting that helps to highlight and weed-out inefficiencies in the interview process. 

Employertube also offers live video interviews as standard. The system is incredibly easy to use and Employertube’s focus on their tech stack has meant the system can handle high volume demands without compromising connection quality.

What really makes Employertube standout is their unique Diversity Monitoring system that helps to remove unconscious bias and foster the creation of a diverse workforce. Employertube’s software identifies parts of the recruitment/interview process that may be disproportionately eliminating candidates from certain backgrounds, allowing employers to continuously review and improve their processes.

The platform is clearly built for use by multiple users as they have implemented collaborative reviews, video archiving and reporting tools that make it easy for hiring teams to work together on reviewing and assessing applications.

On top of that – Employertube is the only platform on the list to offer a job search built-in to their website and offer free job postings to all their employer clients. Employers can also access paid-for promoted job listings to get their vacancies in front of more candidates.

But it doesn’t stop there… Employertube provides an incredibly useful Video CV Library. Candidates can record and upload their own video CVs which are then tagged and categorised so that they are easily searchable – allowing recruiters to hunt down the best talent instead of waiting for candidates to come to them.

Who is Launchpad for?

Launchpad is clearly targeted at larger, more established businesses – with particular focus on large recruitment agencies or HR specialists. They put a heavy focus on the candidate experience side of the recruitment process and market themselves a premium product.

Launchpad’s current customers include: Three Mobile, Sony Music, Virign Media and Superdrug, to name a few.

If you’re a large recruitment firm or established HR specialist then Launchpad could be a good fit for you. If, however, you’re a smaller scale company or a startup looking to leverage video interviews as part of your hiring strategy – Launchpad probably isn’t for you. You’d be much better off going with one of the smaller specialist video recruitment tools that offer cheaper solutions for infrequent usage.

Who is Employertube for?

Employertube have done a pretty good job of ensuring that their video interview platform will work for employers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a small start-up or a multinational enterprise – Employertube’s video recruitment solution seems pretty robust.

Unlike the other entries on this list, Employertube is designed for use by both candidates and recruiters. Candidates can upload their own video CV to the site for free, search for available jobs, and even benefit from access to free online courses to improve their interview technique. In fact, Employertube even offer candidates support after they’ve found a job through the platform, to help develop skills and further their career. So as well as employers or recruiters, Employertube is a great platform for candidates too.

In today’s world, company culture is everything – and encouraging a diverse workforce is often a crucial part of building a great culture. Employertube’s focus on promoting diversity and removing unconscious bias from the hiring process has made them a popular choice among socially-conscious startups and tech companies who want to embrace a modern and inclusive workforce.

Employertube seem to have found a strong niche in the academic market too, and have a dedicated page on their website for universities and academic institutions. In fact, a number of universities have started implementing Employertube’s software into their careers modules – using the software to prepare students for the types of video interviews they can expect to go through once they graduate. So if you’re in the academic or educational space – Employertube probably has a well suited package for you.

How much does Launchpad cost?

You can always tell that something is going to be pretty expensive if you can’t find any pricing information for it anywhere online… Launchpad certainly pitches itself as a premium product and is clearly designed for wide scale implementation in large recruitment-focused businesses. 

Unlike some other video recruitment services, Launchpad does not have a free ‘basic’ package and doesn’t seem to offer a free trial of any kind. They also don’t provide any information about their pricing model – so it’s unclear whether you’re charged based on the number of users, number of interviews, feature usage, flat fee, etc.

To find out how much Launchpad will cost, you’ll have to request a demo and speak to a member of their sales team.

How much does Employertube cost?

While Employertube doesn’t give any specific pricing information on their website, they do say that their pricing model is specifically designed to ensure that companies of all shapes and sizes can get great value from the software.

With the exception of paid-for promotional job postings, all of Employertube’s features come as standard, meaning you get a lot of bang for your buck.

But you don’t have to take our word for it… Employertube offers an instant access free trial so that you can see the platform in action for yourself before you decide to make the jump and take up the full service. They also offer online demos and claim that they speak with all their clients to work out a package and cost that works for any business.

As one of the newer video interview providers out there, Employertube are keen to build up their user-base and it’s highly likely that their solution will be one of the cheaper options on this list.

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