Ensuring Quality Candidate Experience

A disjointed career site, poor feedback mechanism, an ad-filled application site and skimpy application details. These amongst others are “throw-ins” to a poor job candidate experience. It is important for recruiters to provide a quality application environment for their prospective employees, the quality of the candidate experience will definitely be consequential. Job applicants or candidates get influenced either positively or adversely by what they experience during the process of applying. If the recruiters don’t deliver, applicants may quit in frustration and negative news may evolve about such agencies. After effects of a poor candidate experience may include the following:

No two ways about it, unhappy candidates don’t spell good news for the recruiting organization, so how can candidate’s experience be improved in a recruitment process. Let’s take a look at some tips that could improve candidate’s experience:

FINAL THOUGHTS                                                                                              

A good candidate experience sets your company apart from others who don’t. As a matter of fact, it demonstrates the professionalism of your organization; it also shows the candidate how their treatment and work environment will be like if they’re successful.


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