Getting Ready For a Video Job Interview

Video job interviews are common in recruitment now. A video interview is a great medium for employers and potential employees to connect. It is particularly useful in situations where the candidate is far from the recruiter; travel stress and cost is eliminated. It also affords you an opportunity to distinctively express your skills and qualifications; bringing your resume to life.  As useful as video interviews are, it’s not without drawbacks. So it is very vital to be fully prepared when the time comes. If you are going to be ready for that video interview, these will do the trick:

Check Your Outfit: An improper outfit never makes a good first impression and first impression lasts long, even worse it may cost you the job. A survey carried out by Adecco reveals that 75% of Recruiting Managers believe that the top mistake, candidates make is wearing improper outfit. Your outfit speaks volume, it says a lot about your personality; how confident you are, your social status and how you’re feeling at a point in time. Recruiting Managers are trained to perceive these things; hence your dressing appropriately may give you a chance at getting your dream job. To some seasoned candidates,  choosing an appropriate outfit is “Interview 101”, but to a newbie especially in a video interview, it might be a different story. Some candidates feel weird, dressing all up, just to sit in front of a camera, that feeling should be dispelled. Different organizations have diverse ways of dressing, but the popular opinion is to be formally dressed; which is good by the way. During most video interviews, only the top of the candidates’ dress could be seen, as a result, most candidates are usually tempted to dress informally; if you are too, don’t yield.

Rehearse Well: Video interviews are mostly structured; the same composition of questions in the same hierarchy. Candidates must ensure possible questions are practiced and within a time range. Interviewers give moderate time for response during video interviews, so it is vital that you answer within the specified time range. In a video conference interview, candidates are interviewed in real time, thus there is no margin for error; any error will be counted in the assessment of interview.

Inspect Your Pieces of Equipment: When preparing for a video interview, your pieces of equipment should be thoroughly inspected, to avoid a slip up during the interview. Your camera should be set at eye level and microphone should be sound-checked. Equipment failure may cost your interview; so to err on the side of caution, double-check your equipment.

Find A Conducive Environment: A dirty environment with a stray dog shouts chaos; that creates a bad impression about you to the interviewers.  On the flip side, a tidy looking environment shouts discipline.  A serene and tidy environment is the “perfect interview room” for a video interview; lack of background noise and backroom movements ensure a great interview experience. According to Michael Yinger of Aon Hewitts; He has witnessed video interviews recorded in Coffee shops with loud background noise.


The principles guiding video interviews are similar to that of the physical environment; you are expected to have a professional attitude towards the interview regardless of the virtual environment. Using the above-mentioned points plus a positive mindset will ensure you are fully ready to top that video interview.

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